Sunday, 05 December 2010

snowball fight continues

oh no, i guess i was a bit lazy to just throw the ball back at lü.q., so he immediately took revenge, snowed me in, and now I am supposed to throw snowballs at three other comics artists... ok, let's start slowly... the first snow ball I throw at maggot girl chris castañeda. not sure if they have snow in mexico now, but i can throw her a lot from latvia, she just shouldn't eat it all up!

snowball fight

i was happily observing how wittek challenged könig lü.q. to a snowball fight and then i was startled when lü.q. all of the sudden started to throw snow against me. now i took all my endless gif power and fight back.

Thursday, 02 December 2010


this part of the match was certainly the easiest to follow, quite relieving for the stressed eyes which previously had to follow the nervous black little spot flying and sliding around all over the place.