Friday, 19 September 2008

after party

you also know this feeling? you had a great party and you come home and you just want to eat and then you stuff yourself with anything you can find in your kitchen? well I today found some really great green cheese in my fridge i have never seen before, took two peaces and ate it up faster than any gif could show. niiiice...
hmmm... in case my flatmate reads this, i will buy you some new cheese(maybe some pink one?), sorry but it looked so great, and it also was, thank you dear beatrise!

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bea said...

hehe, You are welcome! :)
Es nupat tikai uzgāju šo blogu. ĢENIĀLI!! :) Līdz asarām sasmējos par gif'iem ar Cukuriņu un tiem cūku čipsiem.