Tuesday, 10 March 2009

newest pisa study

next week i go to pisa, and what do people do in pisa? yes - they take very funny pictures of the pisa tower. so i made a study on basis of the 500 first pisa tower pictures on flickr and present here the top ten ways people picture the tower in pisa:

1. just picture the tower
2. stand in front of tower and smile
3. try to prevent tower from falling
4. picture other tourists preventing tower from falling
5. pushing the tower
6. jump in front of tower (don’t ask me why)
7. pushing with a finger
8. kiss in front of tower
9. lean like tower
10. kicking the tower

these were the top ten, but there were many different ways of taking pictures like: holding tower with feet, lean with elbow against tower, hugging it, using tower as hat, taking tower between fingers, letting a teddy-bear holding it, pretend tower is penis, holding a fake pisa tower, holding wrong tower, holding a picture of the tower in front of tower and the most original guy was holding the tower from the wrong side. instead of finding out how i should pose in front it, i found a use of my study for psychologists. if i was a shrink instead of letting my patients paint trees and looking at rorschach pictures, i would send them to pisa to make a picture. ha, that would be so much fun.if you have different ideas how to use my study or suggestions how i should pose in pisa, just post a comment.

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Anonymous said...

superfuny study. i wonder - wich is the "wrong side" of the tower for holding it? looking forward to your psycho-pisa-test!