Monday, 15 June 2009

soft drink recipe

in my notes i found this great recipe my old flatmate once told me for a tasty soft drink. i would like to share it with you!

so here it goes:

cucumber dream (for 4 servings)

difficulty level: 3

preparation time: 2 min

4 slices of cucumber
4 glasses of water

1. fill 4 glasses with water
2. take a cucumber and wash it (not in the water glasses!)
5. quickly dry the cucumber
6. slice off 4 thin slices slices
7. put the slices carefully in the glasses (one each)
8. stirr it.
9. do not mix it with alcohol

now you can enjoy your drink! if you want to start with some easier recipes, you might want to try first one of grandma's soft drink recipes. but once you get a hand of it, you should really also try out the cucumber drink, it really is worth the effort!

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gif me more said...

hm... i am actually not so sure anymore what was the exact name of the cocktail again... it might also have been "cucumber on the beach"?