Sunday, 23 August 2009

how to become superstitious

ruedi wants to become superstitious. actually he already is, as he never shook my hand standing in the doorway or also believing he can only become latvian by saying "davai" and wearing a blue hat. but there are also other superstitions which he thought would be easier to remember thanks to the repetition gifs provide. so we created some together...

now especially in times of crisis i also must remember always to keep a little bit of money in my wallet, because otherwise the devil comes and takes a crap in it:

then if you kept at least on cent or santim it also comes handy once someone presents you a sharp object, because then you have to give a little bit money not to get into conflict:

well and the next one seems like a self-fulfilling prophecy. it says if you put on your clothes inside out, you soon will get drunk. cheers:

the rest of the gifs we created you can see on ruedi's blog post


BobRoboticHead said...

very very

Skumbrija said...

Super fast OFF!